What we do:
- tailor-made upholstering: we are constantly looking for innovation through the engineering to the production of upholstery, paying minute attention to what our customers are asking us for, making the dream feasible and beautiful.
- wall and ceiling cladding: we specialize to meet the ever-changing demands of the market – aware of the importance that coating plays in any piece of furniture. Over the years we have refined techniques of stretching and bonding using leather, silk fabrics, Alcantara and Majilite. Ceilings cladding with Canvas around the pools.
- Curtains: were the starting point of our enterprise, in which we guarantee the highest level of quality and expertise. The range of our products includes: classical tents (style '700), draped curtains, packet curtains, roller blinds, manual and motorized, blackout curtains, panel curtains.
- Onboard Refurbishment on Luxury Vessels: with the economic outlook unpredictable, and new cruise ship orders slowing down, refurbishment is important in making existing ships able to give their customers that valued feeling of something fresh, clean and new. With ships obliged to go into a month-long dry-dock every few years for routine cosmetic and engineering updates, we re-upholster public areas such as theaters, package and replace decorative curtains, restore and re-cover with our huge range of quality fabrics the hundreds of chairs used in the restaurants, communal areas and cabins.

One of the great strengths of Gasparin Canton Srl is the engineering department which allows us to provide clients with a very wide range of solutions. Offering the best of Italian design and engineering – we like to think that with the right team, the only boundaries are of the imagination.