Repair, renovation of interior naval Campolongo Maggiore, Venice.

Perform an intervention refitting allows to retrain their boat, both as regards the aesthetic appearance of both the functional/technological. Mainly, the intervention is aimed at involving the main parts of the boat.

The naval refitting is the activity that best reflects the passion for their work Gasparin & Canton for over 40 years, the highly qualified personnel, following the customer step by step guide and new technologies to transform his boat as a model 'past' in the latest generation craft. Gasparin & Canton believes it is important that the refitting of naval intervention is continuous in time as it ensures a complete, 365 days a year. The company has an important relationship, transparency, full of trust with its customers, as it makes them participate fully in the process of refurbishing your boat, letting them choose directly the decor, layout, materials and technology to be applied according to their economic budget so that they become the real 'creator' of their craft, their 'work of art'.

Gasparin & Canton running any type of ship refitting and on any type of boat. Where possible, replace the engine with new advanced systems, the best on the market. The refitting of naval operations are numerous and differ in: refitting the bodywork, refitting furniture, refitting electrical and instrumentation, lighting refit, refitting of hydraulics, mechanical refit, refitting of hydraulics, refitting parts, refitting and upholstery cleaning and sanitizing of refitting.

Gasparin & Canton performs professionally all these interventions.